Now Offering Drive-up Telehealth Visits

Don't have a computer or a smart phone?  NO PROBLEM.  Don’t have an internet connection?  NO PROBLEM.  Intimidated by technology?  NO PROBLEM.

Madison County Medical Associates introduces “Drive-up Telehealth”.  Simply call ahead and schedule an appointment.  When you arrive, stay in your car and one of our staff will bring you a computer tablet – already connected to your healthcare provider –  to your car!

If you need lab testing, one of our staff will come right to your car.  When your visit is complete, one of our staff will retrieve the tablet from you, and sanitize it so it is ready for the next patient.

We continue to provide care for all medical problems.  To schedule an office visit or a home or Drive-up Telehealth visit, call our office at (515) 462-1162. 

(Not all health issues are appropriate for telehealth.  We reserve the right to determine if your particular healthcare need can safely and effectively be addressed with a telehealth visit.)